A multi-iteration, trans-media performance project, You will see more stars celebrates our emergence out of isolation and into a new reality. A collaboration between award-winning choreographer Kimberly Bartosik and visionary artist Matthew Ritchie, You will see more stars tracks the collapse of distance allowed between bodies during and after COVID-19 quarantine, as well as the radical experience of the notion of time and bodies while in isolation. The project will be revealed in a diverse variety of forms and formats over the next several years. Themes of rupture, retrieval, and recuperation are filtered throughout the process of seeding, developing, and producing the work.

With Ritchie’s extensive experience merging new technology and gaming into large scale installation, paired with Bartosik’s dedication to the body as the primary source of communication, You will see more stars is an intimate cross-reality (XR) conversation between the imagined, fantastical, virtual body, with the breath, blood, flesh, and desires of the real. It is a document of how we experience the dissolving of parameters insisting on our isolation as we re-emerge into a world we do not yet know, an agreement to lend each of our own experiences to piece together a whole, and to have faith that where we arrive will be better than where we currently stand alone.

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For more information about this project, please contact us here: admin@daela.org